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Backend Development with Node.js & MongoDB

4.5 / 5

Master Node, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose

CRUD operations with MongoDB and Mongoose

Advanced authentication and authorization (including password reset)

Release the completed application to the live environment (including a Git crash-course)

Backend Development with Node.js & MongoDB

Learn to code and develop blazing fast servers with node.js, create modern and robust final projects like pinterest clone & social media.
live Course
60 classes
Recording Available

₹ 6666

₹ 5000


In this course, you'll learn how to set up your server environment from scratch, we’ll learn about JavaScript first and then we will move towards nodejs core, we will learn about mongodb and mongoose.js, and many more things to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned.

Course Table of contents What will you learn?

34 Sessions


9 session

  • Variables and Constants
  • let, const and var
  • Scoping - Global & Local
  • Datatype - Primitives and Reference
  • Conditionals - if else, else-if, ternary operator
  • loops - for, while, forEach, for in, for of
  • Functions - es5 & es6
  • arrays & helper functions
  • objects


7 session

  • OS, path, fs, http
  • npm
  • express.js
  • Creating our first express server
  • Static routes & dynamic routes
  • Static files setup - images, javascripts and css
  • express generator


5 session

  • mongodb & mongoose.js
  • CRUD operations
  • passport.js - for authentication
  • multer.js - for file upload
  • nodemailer - for sending mails(reset password feature)


4 session

  • ajax & json
  • async - await
  • payment gateway
  • google oauth


3 session

  • Understanding Project
  • - for live connection
  • grid.fs - for storing files larger than 16 MB


3 session

  • Understanding Project
  • Adding music streaming feature
  • Adding for sync playback on all devices


3 session

  • Understanding Project
  • Designing schemas and structure
  • Adding the functionalities


Frequently asked Questions

Is there a free trial available

  • Yes, 10 classes are completely free.

What if I miss any class? is there any recordings facality available?

  • Yes, recording is also availabe for same class, in case you miss the class you can learn it from recordings.

How classes will be conducted?

  • Initialy We'll use Google meet for live classes and after some time we'll integrate our own online classroom platform for classes.

What will be the timing of this batch?

  • Click on a "Start learning" button, You'll be enrollred for a course, then you can check timing on classroom section for a course.

Will I be eligible to take a job or internship after this course?

  • Definitely you will, Although Sheryians will also help to get your first job or Internship.

What will be learn designing or development?

  • We'll learn both designing and development, After completion of this course you'll be able to think a design and develop it as well.

What'll the duration of this course?

  • Click on a "Start learning" button, You'll be enrollred for a course, then you can check timing on classroom section for a course.

Sample Live Lecture (it's fun)

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 you'll definitely love it!  you'll definitely love it!    you'll definitely love it! you'll definitely love it!