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DBMS for Career

4.5 / 5

Understand database design.

In-depth MySQL.

Create basic and advance SQL Queries.

Doubts Sessions and Practice Tasks

DBMS for Career

Learn to design and create database in easy way.Enhace your knowledge on real world database.
live Course
21 classes
Recording Available

₹ 2000

₹ 1500


In this course, you'll learn to create database in a proper way. we'll teach you architecture of data and models. we'll covers DDL,DCL,DQL,DML commands , constraints, clauses , functions, alter existing tables, joins and more things.

Course Table of contents What will you learn?

20 Sessions


3 session

  • What is Data, Information and Database?
  • File System Vs DBMS
  • Why we need DBMS?


2 session

  • Data Abstraction and Data independence , Instance ,schema and sub-schema ,Data models in DBMS
  • Database languages , DBMS Architecture , Different types of architecture


3 session

  • Introducton of ER model, attributes,relationships,degree of relationships,Relationship constraints.
  • Specialization , Generalization , Attribute inheritance ,participation inheriatnce , aggregation.
  • How to think and design the ER model of any application's database.


9 session

  • Introduction of SQL, download and installation of MySQL
  • Creation of Database and table and operations on it, insertion in table, constraints on column
  • Updating and deleting rows on table, Operators
  • Clauses(Limit, order by, distinct), RegExp
  • Aggregate functions, Group by, having (Clause)
  • String functions and Numeric functions, working with date and time
  • Date functions, Subqueries, altering commands
  • Relationship on tables, joins and its types
  • Introduction of Views and their advantages


3 session

  • Functional Dependencies, Normalization and its types
  • Transaction Control, Deadlock, Acid properties
  • Clustering, Partitioning and sharding


Frequently asked Questions

Is there a free trial available

  • Yes, 10 classes are completely free.

What if I miss any class? is there any recordings facality available?

  • Yes, recording is also availabe for same class, in case you miss the class you can learn it from recordings.

How classes will be conducted?

  • Initialy We'll use Google meet for live classes and after some time we'll integrate our own online classroom platform for classes.

What will be the timing of this batch?

  • Click on a "Start learning" button, You'll be enrollred for a course, then you can check timing on classroom section for a course.

Will I be eligible to take a job or internship after this course?

  • Definitely you will, Although Sheryians will also help to get your first job or Internship.

What will be learn designing or development?

  • We'll learn both designing and development, After completion of this course you'll be able to think a design and develop it as well.

What'll the duration of this course?

  • Click on a "Start learning" button, You'll be enrollred for a course, then you can check timing on classroom section for a course.

Sample Live Lecture (it's fun)

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 you'll definitely love it!  you'll definitely love it!    you'll definitely love it! you'll definitely love it!