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Grasp how modern website are made and it's fundamental concepts.

Make website experience more harmonious.

Build outstanding 3 projects.

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Seamless Page Transitions using BarbaJS and GSAP.

Integrate the BarbaJS JavaScript library into your websites and use CSS and JavaScript techniques to add smooth and interesting effects.
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7 classes
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In this course, we're going to create series of projects which will help you understand how modern websites perform their animations, we'll learn & understand the animations which we see on awwwards and many great resources.

Course Table of contents What will you learn?

12 Sessions

3 Projects


2 session

  • Understanding GSAP
  • Understanding Barba JS

Project 1

3 session

  • Understanding Project
  • Coding project markup
  • Coding Animations

Project 2

3 session

  • Understanding the Complete Project
  • Creating the Markup and Styling
  • Adding page transitions and animations

Project 3

4 session

  • Creating HTML & CSS
  • Adding Page Transitions
  • Creating Animations
  • Adding loader

Project Overview


Landing page of a startup selling elegant flowers, we'll set up our coding environment and will proceed creating the page transitions.

Modern Portfolio

we'll make more detailed landing page, containing many details and the goal would be to get thorough understanding of barba.js and gsap.

Cosmetics Brand Landing Page

in our final project, we're creating almost complete single page website experience, we'll make loader and understand about how barba.js can make website's experience way better.

Sample Live Lecture (it's fun)

so that you know, not every online class is boring.

 you'll definitely love it!  you'll definitely love it!    you'll definitely love it! you'll definitely love it!