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From Start to Victory.

1. Classic Chapters

Percentage 47m

Profit and loss 35m

Simple Interest 34m

Compound Interest 32m

Ratio and Proportion 37m

Allegation and Mixtures 20m

2. Numbers and Related Topics

Number System 28m

HCF and LCM 41m

Averages 30m

3. Speed work and Time Related Topics

Work and Time 33m

Pipes and Cisterns 31m

Speed Distance and Time 18m

Problems on train 16m

Boats and Streams 19m

4. Probability and Combinations

Permutations and Combination 34m

Probability 20m

5. Progression

Arthematic Progression 31m

Geometric Progression 24m

6. Miscellaneous Topics

Calendar 37m

Clocks 32m

Data Interpretation 27m

7. Logical Reasoning

Direction Sense 28m

Blood Relation 28m

Syllogism 17m

Arrangements 26m

Series Completion 6m

8. Verbal Reasoning

Sentence Ordering 18m

Jumbled Sentence 22m

Sentence Formation 16m

Error Identification 38m

Cloze Test 36m

Reading Comprehension 26m

9. Previous Years Asked Questions

Introduction to Module 15m

Question Set 1 15 MCQs

Question Set 2 15 MCQs

Question Set 3 15 MCQs

Question Set 4 15 MCQs

Question Set 5 15 MCQs


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